Amira Pocher lets her fans in on her life quite regularly. She posts vacation impressions, family dinners, or photos of evenings with friends. Now the ex-husband of comedian Oliver Pocher contacted his fans with some not-so-nice news. In his Instagram story, he told his more than one million followers that he was in the hospital.

Amira Pocher: “I've never had it either”

So he posts a photo of one of the long corridors of the Cologne clinic. He writes “MRT” on it. At least he gives direct information about what he suffers from. “Left leg tendinitis. Running,” is written at the bottom right of the picture.

In another story, he films himself from a car. Amira, who is visibly standing in the parking lot with her car, is wearing a black hoodie and a black baseball cap. “Yeah, I've never had tendonitis either,” he says, sounding very unenthusiastic. “I was still wondering what it was. It started on Friday after practice. I had a cramp in my left leg and it wouldn't go away. I couldn't walk anymore, it was so painful. I was in the hospital because I didn't know what to do anymore. ” As this is an Instagram story, users cannot comment. But surely the TV star has received many sweet messages from her numerous followers.

Amira has been filming herself working out several times in recent weeks and it looked like she was working hard on her body. Now the ex-partner of Oliver Pocher needs to give herself and her body some rest. He also films himself buying foot ointment at the pharmacy. At least he can smile again in the store and hasn't lost his sense of humor.

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