pPeople with allergies should prepare for increased stress in the coming spring days in Hesse. “At the weekend, the weather is nicer, the temperature rises and the birch blossoms literally explode,” said Anke Kniffka of the German Weather Service's (DWD) Medical Meteorological Research Center in Freiburg. High concentrations are expected from Friday.

Plus, ash pollen is on the way right now. “The ash is already in full bloom. Since the weather was quite bad and rainy in the last few days, the concentration was not that high,» explained Kniffka. That will change from Friday as temperatures rise. “Then the Hessian ash pollen again reaches medium to high concentrations.”

Runny nose and watery eyes due to allergies

Expect high concentrations, especially in the Rhine-Main region, and moderate levels further north. “Even if the temperature drops to around 20 degrees on Sunday after Saturday's 26 degrees, the high concentration will remain for the time being,” said a DWD expert.

He explains everything about hazel and alder pollen. They are expected to no longer be a burden. “Their season is already over.” However, the grass pollen season does not start until May. According to Kniffka, about 20 percent of the population in Germany are allergic to pollen, and this trend is increasing. Symptoms include a runny nose, watery eyes, conjunctivitis or asthma.

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