Her brother shares a previously unpublished photo of his sister Diana from his private collection. It was taken on a very special day.

This is a very private photo that Charles Spencer is now sharing with his 231,000 followers on Instagram. The last time he had presented his new book about his terrible boarding school days there, but the count mainly associates good memories with the new picture.

Lady Diana was personally driven to school by her father

9. Earl Spencer has now posted a picture of his first day at school, the special thing being that his famous older sister, the late Lady Diana, can also be seen in the picture. The siblings pose in their red school uniforms in front of the family home “Althorp” in 1986. Charles wears a hat to match his school uniform and Diana wears a bright straw hat.

Alongside the picture, Charles wrote: “My first day at school in September 1968: my dad took this photo of me and my sister Diana before driving us to Silfield, a really great primary school in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.”

There is a great resemblance between Lady Diana and her granddaughter Princess Charlotte

He goes on to say that his time there from 1968 to 1972 was marked by a loving director. Then he moved to a boarding school, about which he wrote only negative things in his recent bestseller.

Underneath the post, there are numerous comments pointing out the likeness of Diana's granddaughter Princess Charlotte, 8. One person even claims to have attended the same school and known the siblings personally. However, he could not confirm the statement that Diana was definitely a nice little girl.

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