Rubiales is suspected of negotiating a lucrative contract to host the Spanish Super Cups in Saudi Arabia have received illegal commissions. The former president of the Spanish Football Federation was detained on Wednesday at the Adolfo Suárez airport by Civil Guard agents, state television “RTVE” and other media reported.

There was no official announcement of the arrest. However, when asked by the German Press Agency, a spokesperson for the Civil Guard stated that the “RTVE” report was correct. Rubiales had denied all the accusations against him.

Rubiales denies the accusations

After a stay in the Dominican Republic, Rubiales would have landed in Madrid on a scheduled flight on Wednesday. He was received at the airport by officials who informed him of his situation, according to “RTVE.” The specialized newspapers “Marca” and “AS” wrote that Rubiales was taken in a police car to the Majadahonda court, near Madrid.

There he must be questioned by a judge in the matter of the allegedly irregular contracts. Under Spanish law, a suspect can be detained for a maximum of 72 hours unless pre-trial detention is ordered due to flight risk or other reasons.

Rubiales caused a kissing scandal last summer

Rubiales is being investigated for alleged irregular contracts entered into during his five years as president of the RFEF. The alleged crimes in this case include commercial corruption, unfair administration and money laundering. The prosecution demands two and a half years in prison for the former president of the RFEF, as later reported by the “BBC” . Rubiales, for his part, denies the accusations.

Rubiales caused a scandal last summer after attacking Spanish international Jenni Hermoso at the Women's World Cup awards ceremony. kissed on the mouth . In this case, Rubiales must be tried for sexual assault. The scandal also led to his resignation as president of the Spanish Football Federation.

In both cases, the former official faces several years in prison. In Spain, prison sentences of up to two years are usually suspended.


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