Is peace and even a bit of intelligence slowly returning between Oliver Pocher (45) and his ex-partner Amira Pocher (31)? In the latest episode of the Podimo podcast, “The Pochers! Freshly recycled”, in which the comedian, as usual, talks to his first wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40) about the current events of his life, at least it seems that “Liebeskasper” Pocheris the beginning of a rethink – as his podcast partner has also enthusiastically noticed.

Oliver Pocher: “Time just ran out”

As usual, the new episode of the podcast is about a certain moment of Amira Pocher and the celebrity couple's very public breakup. On her podcast “Liebes Leben” earlier this week, Amira mentioned that she had overlooked the so-called “red flags”, i.e. clearly distinguishable warning signs, in her relationship with Oliver Pocher.

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden asks Oliver Pocher in The Pochers! “Freshly recycled” based on his own personal experiences with such “red flags”. But despite repeated follow-ups, the comedian at least refuses to give a serious answer. But relatively unexpectedly and out of the blue, the 45-year-old man takes a serious tone.

Pocher states “in retrospect” that it is wrong to see the past “so negatively”. “So sometimes the time you spend with someone is just over, even if it's hard to understand,” he explains, apparently referring to his failed marriage to Amira Pocher.

His first wife and current podcast partner responds enthusiastically to these insightful words. To the approving “Right!” followed by: “That's good, Oli. You are making progress.” Because just a few weeks ago, such an understanding seemed almost impossible.

Sandy-Meyer Wölden rules out a romantic comeback with Oliver Pocher

Pocher and Wölden recently seemed very familiar and regularly posed together on Instagram. Speaking to, Sandy Meyer-Wölden says of the romance rumors: “We are now professionally engaged. But more importantly, we are forever connected privately through our three wonderful children.” The Pochers are a modern patchwork family, explains Oliver Pocher's ex-wife. For Sandy Meyer-Wölden, one thing is certain: there is no return of love with Oliver Pocher.