Shock early Sunday morning. At around 5am, emergency services rushed to the Reinbeck exit on the A24 as the bus crashed into barriers and threatened to overturn. As it turned out, it was the tour bus of the “Voice of Germany” coach and singing band.

Mark Forster's bus had to be insured

After the collision, the bus was dangerously tilted and threatened to fall down the steep slope. The “Bild” newspaper reported it now.

According to the report, the musicians who gave a concert in Kiel on Saturday night were on board. All of them were able to exit the bus through the window without injury. Despite this, they were taken care of by the ambulance. As “Bild” reports, singer Mark Forster was allegedly on the bus. He has not yet commented on the accident on social media. Most recently, Forster posted some pictures from his concerts on Saturday afternoon.

The fire department then secured the bus with the help of a tow truck. A bus labeled “Mark Forster Arena Tour” picked up the victim from the accident site. The Reinbek entrance and exit to the A24 was completely closed for hours.

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