NAfter the high temperatures of the past few days, a cold front is expected next week. The German weather service (DWD) said on Sunday that the temperature would be between 10 and 15 degrees. Only in the southeast it is soft again, it is 16-20 degrees.

South of the Danube, the weather will be cloudy for the time being. It rains heavily here and there are strong thunderstorms at times. Later they move back into the Alps where things loosen up.

In the northeast, it will rain at times with intermittent to heavy clouds in the afternoon. A few strong thunderstorms may also occur in the evening. DWD expects heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms from the west and northwest in the afternoon. A few strong gusts are possible.

Maximum 13 degrees on Tuesday

It will be even colder on Tuesday: 8 to 13 degrees are expected with frequent showers and thunderstorms with sleet. It will be very cloudy. In the mountains, it can be 1 to 7 degrees. Snow can fall even above 800 to 1000 meters.

On Wednesday night, it will rain at times, the temperature will be 4 to 0 degrees. Light frost is possible in the higher mountain areas. Snow falls above 800 meters in the Alps and Black Forest.

On Wednesday, it will also remain cool at 8 to 13 degrees. Cloudiness will continue south of the city center, with frequent showers and isolated thunderstorms with sleet. Snow is expected again on the higher mountains. In the north, there will be mostly rainless weather, sunny and cloudy weather. A strong gusty northwest wind is blowing.

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