Things are in turmoil for the Wollnys right now. Most recently, Calantha Wollny made serious allegations against her mother Silvia and her brother Jeremy-Pascal. Among other things, Silvia does not adhere to the agreements regarding communication with Calantha's daughter, who has been living with the 59-year-old man for several years. There were always arguments and nasty comments on social media. “It's painful to see how our family relationships have been distorted on social media in recent months,” Silvia Wollny explained in a recent Instagram post.

“However, on December 20 of last year, the financial support was withdrawn, and since then, unfortunately, lies have been spread publicly about me and my family. It was Calantha's own decision to leave the house without the baby in a cloak and dagger operation a few years ago. “In the message she left us, she told us she was not ready to be a mother,” the statement continued.

Calantha Wollny had to go to prison

Are there any signs of reconciliation now? But the background is sad: Calantha Wollny was arrested. Now he admitted it on Instagram and at the same time gave everything clear. “I'm back home,” writes Calantha Wollny on the social network. And another: “After I was arrested today (reasons remain private), my mom posted bail.”

Thanks to Silvia Wollny, Calantha is back home. He appreciates the support even in difficult times: “Thank you for your support and for getting me out of there! I will never forget it!” She apologizes with a tearful smile: “I'm sorry for what I said about you in public!” Calantha Wolny recently felt abandoned by her family and, according to her own statements, she felt labeled as a “problem child”.