Star conductor Justus Frantz (79) actually wanted to visit his son Justus Konstantin (19) in Russia and spend time with his family. He studies there and lives with his mother. But the vacation turned into a horror trip: the conductor almost died from severe sepsis. Now, for the first time, he talks to the magazine “” in person.

Threat to life: Justus Frantz had to go straight to the intensive care unit

Frantz tried to explain to “” on the phone how it all started: It started when I found it difficult to walk and every threshold became a problem for me. I also felt tired all the time.” She also envisioned spending time with her son differently; she lacked any energy: “I wanted to teach my son, I could only do it lying down because I was so weak.” Because of these symptoms, she gave up. 79 -year-old man was taken to the hospital does not want my life to end in their house.”

Frantz “was as good as dead to the doctors”

From there, he went straight to the next clinic to continue fighting for his life. As an emergency patient, he was taken straight to the intensive care unit, “which they call 'resuscitation'. Basically, as the name suggests, I had to be resuscitated because I was already dead.” In addition, he had a fever of 41 degrees. Doctors acted immediately: “I was given infusions and connected to tubes and machines,” he explains to “”.

From that moment, the doctors, his loved ones and he himself feared for his life for a total of two weeks. The world-famous musician was cared for and monitored around the clock in the intensive care unit of a St. Petersburg clinic.

Should the autumn tour with his symphony orchestra be cancelled?

Only a few days ago, relief came: values ‚Äč‚Äčstabilized, so Frantz could be transferred to a regular ward. However, the cause of this life-threatening situation is still unclear: “We don't know. Now I have to stay in the clinic for at least two more weeks and continue receiving infusions. But I feel much better now.” Could his health now derail his career plans? The conductor plans to perform with his “Philharmonie of Nations” symphony orchestra on the stages of Germany, Austria and Switzerland this fall. Frantz should be back on his feet by November 3 – the 79-year-old man has no doubts: “I'll be fit again for this!”

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