'Tortured Poets Division': Taylor Swift addresses split from Joe Alwayne and Matty Healy on new album

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Longing, heartbreak and anger: Taylor Swift looks to settle scores with her exes on her new album and gives her fans a very private insight into her thoughts and feelings.

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The time has finally come: Swifties will only have to listen to music from morning to night, because global star Taylor Swift (34) finally released her new album “The Tortured Poets Department” on April 19. Above all, the lyrics of the newly released songs can be extremely well sung by all the fans who are currently breaking up. And that's not all: in a surprise move two hours after its release, Taylor announced that it would be a double album – her fans can expect even more songs. This is now the pop singer's eleventh album, following the release of the studio album “Midnights” in 2022. The theme of love again plays a big role, but this time it is more related to the unpleasant side of romance: the album mainly focuses on his past love affairs, heartache, soulache and anger towards his former partners. Taylor Swift gives her fans a very intimate insight into her emotional world and sings about a very difficult time.

Even before its release, fans suspected that Swift might write her album primarily about her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. To everyone's surprise, the singer's other love affairs also play a role on the record, for example Matty Healy, singer of the band “The 1975”, with whom Taylor experienced a short but intense romance.

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Taylor Swift escapes heartbreak with her new album

A few months ago, Taylor revealed to her followers at a concert that the album plays an important role for her: “It was really a lifeline for me – just the things that I went through, the things that I wrote about… It reminded me why songwriting really makes me I've never had an album where I needed more songwriting than Tormented Poets. ' .”, as “People” writes, among others. As of today, Swifties can probably understand what the global star meant by this statement: many songs are filled with heartache, sadness, heartache, but also anger and disbelief.

With Post Malone, Swift creates a magical love song

In his first song “Fortnight” he talks about the past. Together with pop singer Post Malone (28), he sings about how he distanced himself from his ex-lover. The song translates as: “And here is no one's fault / But what about your silent betrayal? I took a miracle drug/ The effect was temporary/ And I love you, it's ruining my life.”

Taylor herself writes on Instagram about “Fortnight”: “I was such a big fan of Post. […] “I saw the magic come to life when we worked together on 'Two Weeks,'” while announcing another piece of good news to our fans: “I honestly can't wait for you to hear this song tonight. Listen and watch the video tomorrow at 20! Taylor Swift doesn't just open her heart and mind in this song:

Especially on the title track “The Tortured Poets Department,” Taylor delves deeper into the circumstances: “Sometimes I wonder if you want to mess it up with me / But you told Lucy that if I ever did, you'd kill yourself. “Here, he may be referring to Lucy Dacus, who is a good friend of Taylor's ex-boyfriend Healy, according to People.” He goes on to sing, “And I told Jack that about you, so I felt seen / Everybody we know understands why it should be” – and this could be a reference to his longtime friend and song producer Jack Antonoff.

Taylor processes tears and longing on the album

In her song “Down Bad,” Swift admits to crying in the gym and goes on to ask, “Did you take all my clothes/ Just to leave me here naked and alone.”

On the more upbeat track “I Can Do It with a Broken Heart,” Swift seems to reflect on two ex-boyfriends who made false promises to her: “She said she'd love me for life/But that life was over. “”Short,” she admits. right in the beginning. He then goes on to sing, “He said he'd love me forever / But that time was pretty short.”

In one of the album's most emotional songs, “So Long, London,” the pop singer reveals how she tried to salvage a failed relationship and the loneliness she was battling. It says, “I quit trying to make her laugh / I quit drilling the safe,” she sings, presumably referring to her time with ex-boyfriend Alwyn.

In addition to deep sadness, Taylor's songs are also full of anger

But he doesn't just want to express his sadness in his songs. The album also has lines full of anger: in the songs “Who's Afraid of Little Old Me” or “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” there is an end to longing – “You tried to take some instruments from friends friends to buy me/But they just haunted you/Now you you know how it feels” and accuses her ex-boyfriend of just running away. He further elaborates, “And I don't even want you back / I just want to know / if the goal was to rust my sparkling summer.”

Taylor Swift explains to her fans on Instagram how she was able to process her grief through musical works: “This author firmly believes that our tears become sacred in the form of ink on the page. Once we have told our saddest story, we can free ourselves from it. And then all that's left is tortured poetry.” Taylor now has reason to be positive about her love life and her future:

Taylor Swift now seems to have found her Romeo

For months, Swift has seemed overjoyed by the side of American football player Travis Kelce. Fans now suspect that one of the album's tracks may also be dedicated to her current boyfriend. On “Alchemy,” the pop star sings, “Where's the trophy? He just comes and runs to me” — a reference to Kelce's Super Bowl win with the Kansas City Chiefs? After the game, Travis celebrated the success directly with his Taylor, and they were very intimate on the field at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas .

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