“Crime Scene” or “Cinema of the Heart”? On Sunday night, two completely different formats vied for viewers' attention. When she left Göttingen, Charlotte Lindholm was fighting over an alleged shooting incident – and with boss Liebig. And in “Spring”, Simone Thomalla worked as a village helper and took care of the children of the missing couple.

RTL focused on American ice football ahead of the Superbowl, while Sat.1 showed a sci-fi spectacle
“Independence Day” and at ProSieben, Joko Winterscheidt asked: “Who is stealing this show from me?”

Who was ahead in terms of audience popularity?

“Crime Scene” clearly won over the general audience. 8.166 million wanted to see Maria Furtwängler's last case in Göttingen, the first achieved a market share of 27.2 percent. 5.783 million voted for “Spring: The Lost Parents” (19.2%). No private broadcaster could make it into the top ten of this calculation group. The situation is different for 14-49 year olds.

Here, too, the “crime scene” won, but it was followed
“Who Steals My Show” (1.418 million). According to various Superbowl reports, “Spring” is only in 9th place with 0.609 viewers.

This is how TV ratings are determined

Viewing ratings are determined in around 5,000 typical households, which is a “reduced picture of all private households with at least one television set in Germany”, according to AGF Videoforschung GmbH, which is responsible for determining the data and where, in addition to ARD and ZDF, private broadcasters and companies are also involved.

The figures were first collected in 1963, and since 2016 the population has included “the population living in the Federal Republic of Germany in private households with at least one television in use and the main earner in German”.

Data from panel households are considered in two steps:

  1. Preliminary, based on nightly broadcast and verified data to determine the previous day's TV usage ratings (above).
  2. Eight days later, the final weighting takes into account the households that accessed during that period and the time-shifted usage that occurred in the previous three days.

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