The “Eras Tour” has arrived in Japan: Taylor Swift performing in Tokyo on Wednesday
Image: AP

According to the lawyers, the singer lives in constant fear for his safety. A student who shares flight data on the Internet is not aware of his guilt.

TTaylor Swift doesn't want to be followed anymore. Now, through her lawyers, the singer has served the University of Central Florida student with a cease and desist notice after he repeatedly collected flight data from her private jets in recent months and posted it on social media.

Swift lives in constant fear for her safety, lawyers said. Jack Sweeney, on the other hand, referred to “transparency and public education.” It only evaluates flight data published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). “It is important for me to emphasize that I do not want to harm anyone. I think Swift has good songs,” the student told NBC on Tuesday.

Lawyers for the 34-year-old Grammy winner (“Anti-Hero”) compared Sweeney's data collection to stalking. Swift, who is on stage this week in Tokyo on her “Eras” tour, has been visited by uninvited guests in Manhattan in recent weeks.