Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel hopes to have no lasting tensions with Munich veteran Thomas Müller after leaving the former world champion on the bench in both Champions League quarter-finals. “I hope our relationship is so open, honest and grateful that she can endure this. It's clear he doesn't like that. It's also clear that I don't like her, neither explaining it to him before nor trying to cheer him up afterwards,” coach Thomas Tuchel said before the event. Bundesliga-Guest match on Saturday (6:30 p.m./Sky) against 1. FC Union Berlin from within the team.

What should I say to Müller, who is no longer an automatic candidate for the starting eleven the next day? Nothing he has to say will make you happy. It is then about trusting that our relationship is strong enough and can endure,” explained Tuchel, who had no place for Müller in the offensive against Arsenal. Therefore, the veteran will have to wait until his 150th appearance in the premier class of football.

Tuchel: Müller is “professional enough”

Tuchel emphasized that he makes sporting decisions and that this is “nothing personal.” “This is in no way intended to be a devaluation of his performance and status. “He is professional enough to be able to deal with it again and again.” Tuchel highlighted how professional he was, this could be seen the next day in the reservists' training. Müller stands firm and has fun. “So he also knows why it's the career he has.”

In any case, Müller is likely to play his anniversary match in the Champions League. Tuchel noted on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the second leg against Arsenal, that there were still two games left in the semi-final. But perhaps after the duels against Real Madrid there remains a third possibility: the final at Wembley on June 1.


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