vAn incident involving the killing of a 24-year-old man took place at the Flensburg District Court during the pronouncement of the verdict. The defendant collapsed in the courtroom on Tuesday afternoon, bleeding from the mouth. His interpreter had previously pointed out to the court that the man probably had a razor in his mouth. The defendant then apparently swallowed the object without anyone else being able to intervene. The police officers who were present immediately checked the defendant's mouth, but did not find it, as the court spokesman later said. Whether the defendant brought the razor blade into the room and, if so, how he was able to do so requires further clarification.

The participants in the proceedings had seen a metallic-looking object on the defendant's tongue. According to the court, it could have been the tip of a razor or a cutting knife. The 24-year-old man was taken away in an ambulance lying on a stretcher and guarded by court officials. According to the lawyer, he was forthcoming. According to information from the court in the early evening, there was initially no more information about his health condition.

Killed by a knife blow to the skull

Sentencing continued Tuesday afternoon. This is possible in the absence of the defendant “if he leaves on his own initiative or becomes unfit to stand trial,” which also applies in the event of a possible suicide attempt, he said.

Shortly before the incident, the man was sentenced to nine years in prison for manslaughter. He was accused of killing his 28-year-old roommate with a knife through the skull in Flensburg in December 2022. Despite emergency surgery, the man died a few days after the crime as a result of a knife wound. The perpetrators and victims are from Somalia. The criminal initially fled; He was caught in Lille, France, three and a half weeks after the crime.

The defense had demanded an acquittal, as the commission of his client could not be proven beyond doubt. The state prosecutor is convinced that there was a quarrel between the two men before the crime. The reason is said to be a debt of 50 euros to the defendant. The state prosecutor had demanded a five and a half year prison sentence for the lesser case of manslaughter.

The defendant pleaded guilty

After an initial silence, the defendant spoke to the panel for the first time about the accusation on Tuesday. He claimed that the perpetrator was a third person whom he did not know by name – the slain man's drug dealer. On repeated questioning, he was unable to resolve the inconsistencies surrounding the police interrogations.

The court did not believe the testimony of the defendant. There is enough and concrete evidence, as well as objective, solid facts that he was a criminal, the chairman said. The judgment can be appealed.

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