Actor Wichart von Roëll, known from the 70s comedy series “Klimbim”, has died. The actor died on Tuesday at the age of 86, a spokesperson for his acting agency said. Von Roëll was last in the Recklinghausen hospice. “Bild” first reported the actor's death.

Von Roëll stood in front of the camera between 1973 and 1979 with other “Climbim” stars Ingrid Steeger, Elisabeth Volkmann, Horst Jüssen and Peer Augustinski. The ARD show, which caused a sensation in the 70s for its revealing scenes and cheeky sayings, was discontinued 45 years ago and is now considered a TV classic and the mother of all sitcoms. Following the death of Ingrid Steeger last year, von Roëll was the last surviving member of the legendary ensemble.

The last “Klimbim” star died: Wichart von Roëll died at the age of 86

“It was an incredibly formative time for all of us,” he told the portal “” in 2019 about his “Klimbim” time. Sometimes he still dreams of scenes from the play or remembers past private conversations.

Von Roëll played the peculiar Prussian militarist grandfather “Benedikt von Klimbim” in the ARD comedy. The costume included a monocle, a sword and a dressing gown. He was also called “Climbim Grandpa” with equal affection and respect.

The actor would have turned 87 next Saturday. “The husband wanted to leave, he had foreseen that all life support measures would be stopped. He stopped eating or drinking. We accompanied him on his last journey and were by his side,” his wife Anne Althoff told Bild.

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