Even before her dream wedding with Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan had to deal with her not-so-loyal family, who are still using every opportunity to shoot at Meghan and make money from it. Her half-sister Samantha, who has filed a lawsuit against Meghan, and father Thomas, who paid paparazzi for positive photos of her, are particularly problematic. But her half-brother Thomas Jr. isn't holding back either, with a YouTube channel from 2022 detailing the conspiracy theories surrounding the British royal family and Duchess Meghan.

Duchess Meghan is mocked by her brother on YouTube

In terms of followers, Thomas can't keep up with his half-sister, but his YouTube channel has at least 38,000 subscribers. In 141 videos, Markle, who lives in Mexico, has covered the British royal family since 2022, focusing on Duchess Meghan. He especially enjoys spreading conspiracy theories about Meghan.

The video begins with Thomas coming in wearing a black wig and a pillow under his shirt, making farting noises and introducing himself as “Me-gan”. With this look, he parodies his half-sister and then shares his theories about her alleged false pregnancies.

Duchess Meghan's half-sister makes a guest appearance in a YouTube video

The newly streamed live video is titled “Meghan wants to take down my utube channel”. For nearly two hours, Thomas complained about the injustice of Meghan having powerful contacts and using them to boycott her channel. He emphasizes that his videos are funny and weird. He also explains why he makes these videos and that it's all about money. Thomas now even plans to sell merchandise such as glasses and T-shirts. He says he no longer has the resources because he moved to Mexico to be with Meghan and her father. If Meghan couldn't figure this out, she would really have mental problems. Meghan's half-sister Samantha also makes a guest appearance and is in touch by phone. Together, the siblings joke about Meghan's hit TV show 'Smoke' and describe it as a little 'cable show'.

Former BBC Royal expert Jennie Bond (73) is shocked in Britain's Daily Mail: “The fact that her own flesh and blood is leading the attack must feel like the ultimate betrayal to Meghan.”