DThe fact that no one seems to follow traffic rules in Germany was proven again on Monday. Nowhere but in Hagen. And not from anyone, but from an animal that has never cared if there are consequences to its heritage because it generally has little to fear. We are talking about a pigeon.

Apparently he was lucky this time too. On Monday morning, a “furious” specimen was flashed in Hagen. According to police, around 9 a.m., the pigeon was driving on a street where drivers encountered a “speed measurement station operated by the Hagen Police Traffic Service.” According to the officials, 30 kilometers per hour is allowed on the highway, but the animal flew ten kilometers per hour faster – that's how the speed trap hit.

In this case, the rules state: Violation of a “feathered traffic violator”, as the police called the pigeon in their press release, costs a 30-euro fine. The police, however, will give up enforcement, he said, apparently in order to clarify ambiguities and to once again be aware of the limits of the rule of law.

No one knows where it will all lead. Because there can be no talk of a relatively fast pigeon here. Paper pigeons, for example, can fly up to 120 kilometers per hour, according to relevant websites – a clear case for the highway.