The ranks of “Germany's next top model” are thinning. After two weeks in a row of not getting kicked off the show, Heidi Klum apparently had a lot of catching up to do. In Thursday night's show, the six candidates were able to pack their bags and fly back to Germany from Los Angeles.

Four of them had to leave the show even before the big decision (twenty wind machines and long veils in front of their faces) because they didn't even qualify for it: Nuri, Jana, Yusupha and Felix, four of the six in the previous episode. The chosen shaking candidate was already the end of the line. Model and guest judge Winnie Harlow supported Klum's decisions.

“Unfortunately, I don't have a photo for you today.”

Lilli and Dominik followed them later. They all faced the dreaded Klum line that, as she said, “none of you want to hear”: “Unfortunately, I don't have a photo for you today.” own verdict: “It's breaking my heart right now.” Candidate Armin was hit particularly hard by the evictions – although he made it through to the next round. “Jana gone, Felix gone, Yussi gone, Dominik gone,” he said in shock. “Now not only your female caretaker, Jana, but also your best friend is leaving here.”

Kicked out of the Allgäu region, Armin and Dominik knew each other from school days and applied together for a model show, in which male models will also participate for the first time in the starting season.

“Nobody is going to sleep smiling today,” said candidate Aldin, who was already worried about black clothes before making the decision: “Today we are dressed like we are at a funeral. 20 candidates are now fighting for first place.” model title.

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