Katja Kühne mourns the loss of her son. As “Day 24” reports, among other things, his son Lucas died on March 24, 2024 at the age of 18. Lucas' grandmother, Katja's mother, confirmed the terrible loss on Instagram with emotional lines: “He was a friend, a brother, a lifeguard and to me my bunny. I lost my favorite person.”

Katja Kühne's relatives said goodbye to Lucas

Katja Kühne herself has not yet commented on the tragedy. While “bild.de” reports a suicide, tag24.de writes that users only suspect suicide online.

The name “Lucas” can be seen on Katja Kühne's Instagram account, surrounded by two white dove emojis. According to Day 24, family and friends said goodbye to the 18-year-old at a memorial service on April 1.

Katja Kühne has been with BVB kicker Marcel Sabitzer for about seven years, and the two have a daughter together. Sabitzer was also on the pitch at Tuesday night's Champions League game. He raised both of his index fingers to the sky and looked up, many taking this as a sign to Lucas.

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