Germany's next top model 2024: The most outrageous changes of all time at a glance

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Friday, February 9, 2024, at 2:31 p.m

When a major transformation is coming in GNTM, the candidates are especially nervous. Because there it can happen that blonde hair suddenly turns green or blue.

Some love it, others hate it. The major redesign of Germany's next top model causes surprises every year. Some top models have had to lose a hair or two or go through a complete makeover. There are no limits and some of Heidi Klum's girls are always in tears.

Lena Gercke, Kim Hnidzo: Short hair for Heidi girls

Every season of GNTM, there are tears during the dreaded makeover, during which Heidi Klum wields the scissors mercilessly. The biggest drama often takes place when it comes to hairstyles, because one thing is clear for the former supermodel: the face needs to be accentuated, even if the long hair has to go.

GNTM star Lena Gercke was not spared from this either. In the first season, her long blonde mane was changed to a pixie cut. Today, she criticizes the stylists' decision at the time and emphasizes that the cut is currently fashionable and does not suit her.

Kim Hnizdo also had to say goodbye to her golden mane and was given a trendy short haircut. Although she responded coolly, her boyfriend “Honey” was less enthusiastic. Her charming words “You've got to be kidding me. “It's a wig.” Kim burst into tears, “Honey” replied, “What are you waiting for? For me to jump up here and say, “Wow, they took a meter of your hair?” Shortly after Kim's season win, she broke up with her boyfriend.

Romina Palm shocked after a colorful makeover

Among models, not only cutting, but also coloring causes fear. While slight color changes are still gratefully received, eccentric colors like yellow, blue and green seem to be met with greater resistance.

Romina Palm, who finished fourth in GNTM Season 16, is best remembered for her hair. Heidi gave him a fiery red head. After the initial shock, red hair quickly became her trademark. She kept the striking hair color for years until recently switching back to dark blonde.

Top model candidate Vanessa Kunz had a similar experience. After the makeover, she described her new hairstyle as “really gross”. Admittedly, her tufted turquoise hair took some getting used to, but it wasn't nearly as horrible as the 20-year-old described it. But Vanessa apparently had a change of heart after the show: she wore the eye-catching color for almost a year and a half before deciding to dye her hair brown again.

Mullet Zoe at GNTM

Short hair, colored hair – it couldn't be more intense for the models, right? Wrong idea. Because things keep getting worse, as participant Zoe Saip found out firsthand in 2018. The beauty was quickly given a very special hairstyle: a mullet.

She didn't like the 80s style hairdo and tears immediately came to her eyes. Still, he couldn't help but laugh. She commented on the hairstyle, saying: “Looks like I burned my hair off when I lit a candle” and “I look like an 80s football player.”

2018 seemed to be the year of bad hairstyles – candidate Sally wasn't happy with her change either. She had to tearfully say goodbye to her long blonde hair and got a short, yellow-tinged blonde pot cut. She couldn't get used to her hairstyle until the end of the show and has since let her hair grow back.

Candidate leaves GNTM to avoid hair cut

When young women compete at GNTM, a major transformation is inevitable. However, when the time comes, change is always a challenge for candidates. Last year, the candidate was so panicked by Sarah's makeover that she threatened to leave the show: “I have to know how long it's going to be 'I have to, or I'll go!'” But at that point there were no negotiations with the model Heidi, and Sarah had to leave the show.

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