Twenty4Tim and Kim Virginia Hartung spent almost two weeks together at the jungle camp and became good friends there. Back in Germany, the two apparently want to hold on to that friendship. They celebrated the carnival together in partner costumes, and of course the followers came along, as befits two influencers. But Kim didn't endear herself to many viewers at the jungle camp. The newfound friendship between her and Tim is far from well received by everyone. Tim even gets into a real mess.

Jamming against Twenty4Tim: 'Unfollowed because of Kim'

They shared a short clip on Instagram showing them in their carnival costumes. In the comments, the jungle stars are not only celebrated for their creative looks, but Tim is also criticized by many for his friendship with Kim. “Unfollowed because Kim” or “There's definitely too much Kim in your story for me!” “I'm going away then!” it says in the comments. Many of the 23-year-old's fans are outraged by her friendship with Kim and the many posts they post together. Many threaten to follow him. However, some fans are also worried about Tim – and at the same time make nasty accusations against Kim: “Now she needs your reach. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of,” writes one user, for example.

Twenty4Tim and Kim Virginia: Kissing video causes confusion

But are Kim and Tim really just friends? After all, Tim also shared an Instagram story where the two are seen posing together in their underwear. But one clip in particular is causing confusion and is currently spreading on the Internet. The two can be seen in their carnival costumes at a bus stop – and start a wild smooch. But not all fans are convinced that this passion between the two is real. Some comments also suggest that this scene could be staged.

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