Dhe global hopes that a ceasefire in the Gaza war would be achieved by the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan for Muslims have not been fulfilled. While millions of Muslims around the world celebrate the festival of breaking the fast this Wednesday, the tough indirect negotiations over a ceasefire and the release of hostages in Gaza continue – with an uncertain outcome.

Meanwhile, Israel is pushing ahead with its controversial plan for a ground offensive in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza. However, according to media reports, Israel's Defense Minister Joav Galant told his US counterpart Llyod Austin that there was no date for an offensive yet. In doing so, Galant contradicted his Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was said. Netanyahu publicly stated on Monday that the date for an offensive in Rafah had been set.

US President Joe Biden described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policy in the Gaza Strip as a “mistake”. “I think what he is doing is a mistake,” Biden told the US broadcaster Univision in an interview broadcast on Tuesday (local time) when asked about Netanyahu’s actions in the war. He did not agree with the Israeli head of government's approach.

Biden also called on Israel to establish a ceasefire and allow full access to all food and medicine entering the country for the “next six, eight weeks.”

Reports: Israel continues to work on evacuation plans for Rafah

In the phone call with Austin, Israel's Defense Minister Joav Galant said that Israel was currently finalizing plans for the evacuation of the civilian population there, the Israeli newspapers Haaretz, The Times of Israel and the news portal Axios reported on Tuesday evening . The US government wants to prevent Israel from carrying out a large-scale operation in Rafah.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expects Israel to keep quiet for the time being. A meeting with an Israeli delegation is planned for next week to discuss the US side's concerns about such an operation, Blinken said on Tuesday in Washington. “I do not assume that any measures will be taken before these talks,” he emphasized. It is still the belief that a major operation in Rafah would be extremely dangerous for civilians.” The Israeli side has not given the US government a date for a Rafah offensive, Blinken said.

Report: Israel buys 40,000 tents for planned evacuation of Rafah

According to a media report, Israel is already purchasing around 40,000 tents to accommodate evacuated civilians in preparation for an offensive. The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday that the purchase was intended to pave the way for a military operation in the city on the border with Egypt “in the near future.” There was no official announcement about the purchase of the tents. An Israeli representative only confirmed the preparation of thousands of “shelters.” According to UN estimates, more than a million refugees from other parts of the disputed coastal area are crowding into Rafah.

White House: Israel has not presented a credible plan for Rafah

From the US government's perspective, Israel has not presented a convincing plan to protect the civilian population there in the event of a ground offensive. US President Joe Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday in Washington that he had not yet seen a “credible and feasible” plan for the relocation of the people in Rafah that would detail how the civilians could be accommodated and provided with medical care . “So our concerns remain and we must now wait and see what happens and the United States will respond accordingly.” Sullivan emphasized that there are communication channels with the Israeli government.

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