Promotion on Perfect Plus & WOW 12 months for 5 euros per month

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Monday, April 8, 2024, at 2:13 p.m is attracting new customers with an attractive offer: everyone who chooses the Perfect Plus package now pays only 5 euros per month for 12 months instead of the usual 12.99 euros. As an added bonus, there is free access to WOW movies and series, resulting in savings of over 215 euros. But hurry: The offer has been extended, but is only valid until 14.04.2024.

The one who has one
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commission fee – at no additional cost to you! More information

From July 2024, the previous privilege of additional costs will disappear, which means that around 12 million German renters will have to actively take care of their television equipment. By June 2024 at the latest it is necessary choose the provider yourself and enter into a contract. The resulting lack of power can be filled with various options: In addition to classic cable TV, satellite reception or DVB-T2 HD also offer Streaming services How,
magenta tv,
Sky TV or
Joyn alternative. However, there is a requirement to use streaming services Broadband internet connection with a speed of about 50 Mbit/s.

Take advantage of's Easter savings has one
There is a special offer for new customers: Anyone who chooses the Perfect Plus plan will pay within a 12-month contract only 5 euros per month instead of the usual 12.99 euros. After the contract period, the price will return to the usual 12.99 euros, unless the contract is stated in advance. Plus, customers get one 12 months free voucher for WOW movies and series. This offer is limited availability until April 14, 2024and must have a WOW Movies & Series Voucher redeemed by May 15, 2024 to change. Perfect Plus costs €12.99 regularly, payable after 12 months unless you cancel before the end of the twelfth month. From the 155.88 euros, you deduct the 5 euros still to be paid per month, leaving 95.88 euros, which you will save during the entire term. WOW Films & Series normally costs you €9.98 per month, which works out to €119.76 per year. Bottom line So you save 215.64 euros.

To redeem the voucher, you must
Register on WOW and create a customer account. If you already have a WOW customer account, you can use it to redeem the voucher. Redemption is only possible for WOW customers who do not have an active subscription to Movies & Series, Series or Movies.

If you're only interested in, you can do so now Convenience or Perfect Plus
Buy from Amazon with a half price voucher.

It is provided by

You can on Access to 267 channels, 252 of which are in HD quality (including RTL, Pro7 HD) and included 68 pay TV channels. Included in the order 30,000 movies and series on demand in the so-called Waiputhek and 100 hours of recording time. You can stream content on up to four devices in parallel. In addition, practical functions such as pause and restart are available to make your TV experience even more convenient.

In our peer streaming provider test at CHIP, came out on top The Perfect Plus package took third place. Most of the point loss was in the service/quality area. However, scored consistently in all other areas tested Ratings that were never worse than 1.5. This is particularly noteworthy is unrivaled in terms of channels is. No other provider can offer such a choice, esp almost all HD channels Is available. For comparison:
Zattoo offers Smart HD tariff 6.49 euros per month, 181 channels,
Magenta TV reaches approx 150 channels for 10 euros. At
Sky TV is all that 50 free TV channels for 10 euros monthly in the first year (15 euros thereafter) and
Joyn represents 6.99 euros per month for 70 channels ready – This is how it works

Streaming content through is smooth and fast. All you need is a slightly faster internet connection and the right hardware, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer, as well as Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast.

With the Perfect Plus package (with DAZN or Netflix) from you can stream 267 channels (including 68 pay TV channels) live or recorded via IPTV, 252 of which are in HD quality. You can stream on four devices simultaneously. With DAZN bundled, you can enjoy Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League, top European leagues and even more sports action on DAZN Unlimited.

In the Perfect Plus package with Netflix, you have unlimited access to all Netflix blockbusters and series. You can also save your favorite program and watch it later. Or you can pause it and resume watching when you have time again. Restarting jumps to the beginning of an already running program.

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