The lion in question is lying in a cage with his legs chained. Georgina Fleur beams into the camera as she strokes the predator. It seems that the animal does not notice this human proximity at all, it seems very calm. This is also noticed in the comments by watchful eyes who do not approve of Georgina's act. For the critics, the animal does not belong on the chain and they make it clear to the reality show actress.

“How can you approve of something like that?”

The lion appears “stunned” to the fans. For some, Georgina's actions go too far, “how can you give something like that?” His adopted home, Dubai, is also criticized: “That you live in Dubai, where human rights are trampled underfoot (…) I could still agree with that. But the final straw was supporting the zoo, which also keeps lions in chains so visitors can pet them for a nice photo.

Georgina has now made her profile private, but according to “”, the TV star tried to justify herself after the scandal. He “couldn't help it” and was invited to dinner and didn't know “that the host had lions at home, and neither did I. What should I do.” He could not stop the lion from being chained, nor could he “take the lion home”.

The owner of the zoo assured Georgina of the welfare of the animals

However, followers do not stop, they continue to comment on her post and even accuse the influencer of animal cruelty: “That you have no shame in supporting something like this.” By her own admission, Georgina Fleur has already received hate messages and even death threats from angry Instagram users. “Sending me death threats is definitely not the answer.”

The host and zoo owner assured the reality star that her animals are fine living with her. This statement is enough for Georgina and she appears in the next clip with a snake around her neck. “The animals don't live in chains, but they have big cages, they have big enclosures, like in German zoos.”