Out of shape? When he returned after his jungle camp hiatus, some “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” candidates moderated by Günther Jauch.

Charlotte Schnitzler works in the Public Relations Department of the Bundesbank. He inspired Günther Jauch to ask the first question of the evening on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: “Who has been the only PR bearer in the history of the Bundesbank?”

Charlotte Schnitzler knew: it was Jauch himself. The moderator was visibly proud of it. “Bring on the sleeping coins!” was his slogan at the time, because it talked about the introduction of the new currency, the euro, and a request to deposit his old DM holdings. “The Bundesbank has never advertised with anyone before,” announced Jauch, but then got a little awkward: “But not with anyone after me either.”

Günther Jauch basked in fond memories

“Because you weren't successful,” replied the candidate. “There are still a lot of them in circulation.” The criticism rolled off Jauch as he basked in fond memories: “It was my best advertising job.” He justified this by the task at hand. “The assignment was: Please come clean, unshaven and with a sleepy, bleary-eyed expression.” The moderator said with a wink: “It is not difficult for me.” The shooting ended after just five minutes, Jauch recalled. . “If I convert it to a minute, I've never earned so much,” was his conclusion.

Charlotte Schnitzler also made quick money. It wasn't until the 8,000 euro question that he slowed down a bit and needed his first joker. “Which carnival costumes must be taken care of in order not to conflict with §42a of the relevant law?” The selection included a princess and a fairy, a sheriff and a pirate, a witch and a clown, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

She wondered aloud if it was about anti-discrimination law, a ban on face coverings, or even cultural appropriation. Maybe the sheriff shouldn't be walking around in public with a pistol and a pirate with a sword anymore? A 50:50 joker reduced the choice to A or B. He correctly chose B. The Arms Act prohibits the carrying of fake weapons that look deceptively genuine.

It was about half a million!

“He knows everything,” Charlotte Schnitzler raved about her telephone joker. Her “favorite colleague” had to prove it in the 16,000-euro question: “In 1984 as German First Lady…?” Wilhelmine Elly, Mildred Hilda, Marianne Veronica, Christina Christiane? Joker knew that answer C was correct.

Schnitzler needed support again with the 32,000 euro question: “What is usually brewed and what is not distilled?” Whiskey, tequila, sake, ouzo? 73 percent of the audience voted for sake. Right!

The candidate mastered the following questions with confidence and soon reached a magical height not often reached: it was about half a million! “Which craftsmen prove that many of their products have so-called ring strength?” The choice included carpenters and painters, tailors and shoemakers, bakers and confectioners, masons and roofers. Her instincts were leaning toward C, but Charlotte Schnitzler wasn't risking anything. When Jauch concluded that he would give up, he eloquently replied: “I'm not giving up, I'm satisfied.” He earned applause – and 125,000 euros. A wise decision because answer A would have been correct.

Jauch says, “Then you have the right to stay here.”

The top contender from Munich, David Siebert, earned 32,000 euros. He was followed by toy inventor Frank Müller from Friedberg, Bavaria. He dropped 500 euros on the movie question because he had a friendly phone joke. The question was about a famous movie quote – in this case from the movie “Harry and Sally”.

After no one came up with a solution in the next selection round, Jauch complained to the candidates: “Then you have the right to stay here.” Now his editor also made a mistake: the question Jauch read out was different from the one they asked The candidates saw on the screen. “Everywhere, losers!” Jauch said mischievously and received a subtle compliment. On the third attempt, at least one candidate managed the task: Rick Leinichen from Hanover. He earned 32,000 euros.

The candidate handled the first three questions confidently

In the next selection round, the other three candidates again embarrassed themselves. No one put the asked phrases in the correct order. “Won't or can't?” Jauch said venomously. Candidate's excuse: “It was a long day.” Jauch said, “You can't necessarily make it shorter.”

Simone Beckman was the only one who succeeded in the second chance. “Well, bravo, how did you manage that? Excellent! Mrs. Beckmann, the forgotten genius!” he heard the host's malevolence as a greeting. He was in full swing now, “Let's see if there are enough jokers for the first four questions.”

After all: the candidate handled the first three questions with confidence. They will continue next week.