After the attack: Burnt-out SUV belonging to a suspected militia leader in Baghdad on February 7, 2024
Image: AP

The Americans kill an important militia leader in Baghdad. Now the pressure is growing on the Iraqi government to finally get American troops to withdraw from the country.

EWashington did not mention his name. The American military said only that it had killed an Iraqi militia leader who was directly involved in the planning and execution of the Jan. 28 drone strike on the American outpost in Jordan. At that time, two American soldiers and one male soldier were killed.

Explosions were initially reported in Baghdad on Wednesday evening. Shortly afterwards, the first images of a burning SUV wreckage began circulating. It was quickly suspected that it was a drone attack. A little later, the Shiite militia Kataib Hizbullah revealed the name of the cadre who died in the American military strike: Abu Baqr al-Saadi. He is linked to drone attacks by Iran-aligned groups in Iraq.