Stress-free tax returns: WISO Tax 2024 can do a lot and currently costs very little

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Thursday, April 18, 2024, 4:34 p.m.

Buhl has achieved numerous test victories with “WISO Steuer”, also in FOCUS MONEY. The latest version of the popular software for fiscal year 2023 is currently available at a special price. This means that individuals and the self-employed can file up to five tax returns. Here you will find all the information about the offer.

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The best tax software on offer

The annual tax return is usually not fun for anyone and is often put off as long as possible. In many cases, you can get an impressive tax refund of an average of 600 to 1,000 euros. With the popular software WISO 2024 tax, which was named test winner in both FOCUS MONEY (issue 06/2024) and CHIP magazine (issue 04/2024), you will be able to get your money particularly easily. Since last year, the previously separate editions of “Tax Savings Book”, “Tax Mac”, “Tax Plus” and “Tax Start” have been combined into WISO Tax.

Download version is available.
on Amazon currently at a savings price of only 22.99 euros. Here you can start immediately after downloading. Alternatively, the German online retailer MySoftware offers the program for 24.89 euros.

Automatic tax filing: on time and without stress

WISO Tax 2024 takes away your fear of the dreaded ELSTER: The HEelectronic STREEThisHEWith the software, clarifications are not only stress-free, but also done quickly. The program even offers practical tips on where you can save taxes. Also self employed The software serves very well, especially because with it you can calculate business taxes and sales tax, EÜR (calculation of surplus income) and reduction of salary tax.

The promoter Buhl charges for tax software Regularly 45.99 euros or 35.99 euros with annual subscription. In Amazon and My software This way you will get the tool much cheaper. With A license requires up to five taxes. possible, so, in theory, the whole family benefits from the offer. The individual contribution for married couples only counts as tax.

WISO Tax 2024: Test winner now for only 22.99 euros

Income Tax Return 2024: When does the deadline expire?

Anyone who needs the software should definitely get it fast. Experience has shown that prices change again and again. And the Deadline It's getting closer faster than you'd like. Taxpayers must register for this year September 2, 2024Boldly mark it on the calendar.

workers are required to present if in the last year:

  • They were employed by several employers at the same time.
  • have additional untaxed income greater than 410 euros, such as fees, pensions or rent.
  • They had recorded a deduction on their income tax card.
  • were assessed jointly with the working spouse and one was taxed according to tax class V or VI or if both chose the factor method with the combination of tax classes IV/IV.
  • have received wage replacement benefits, for example parental benefit, short-time allowance or unemployment benefit.

Self-employed, owners and pensioners You always have to file a tax return if your income exceeds that. Basic assignment of 10,347 euros in 2022 for single people or 20,694 euros for married people.

WISO 2024 tax at a glance

  • WISO 2024 tax for fiscal year 2023
  • Digital version for all systems. Browser, PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet
  • done that Income tax return 2023 with all types of income (cover and all forms)
  • Previous year data transfer
  • Free: phone support and updates
  • WISO Tax 2024 immediately shows the refund or additional payment
  • Hundreds Tax tipsmore than 150 videos about your tax return
  • Tax guide for optimal reimbursement
  • Determination declaration 2023 for communities of heirs and BGB companies
  • Also for euros, Sales and trade tax returnadvance VAT declaration, income tax return, registration book
  • Quick calculator for salary, severance pay, inheritance, vehicle tax, Riester and much more.
  • Automatic comparison of tax settlement with program calculation
  • sample letter to the tax office

WISO Tax 2024: Test winner now for only 22.99 euros

Tax return for 2023: fast and without paperwork

With the software you can easily get your tax refund. TO delete menu and smart Assistive Features guide you step by step Interview mode through the schedules and important forms for your tax return.

the integrated tax guide also provides you with numerous Savings Tips. With an account with the provider, you can file your tax return not only in the desktop software, but also anytime, anywhere via the browser or via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

make yours Tax return for 2023 in the shortest possible time: thanks to practice Automatic control Long trips, laborious searches and paperwork chaos are a thing of the past.

If you wish, you can even link your bank account in the program and the integrated banking module Automatically takes tax-relevant reserves from the checking account and provides them in the appropriate place on the tax return. That too Scan receipts It works perfectly. Once the tax return is ready, it's easy to do send electronically.

WISO Tax 2024: Test winner now for only 22.99 euros

WISO tax software with additional features

WISO 2024 tax offers you many useful extras for your tax affairs. The program provides self-employed people and entrepreneurs with all the forms they need Statement of Findings as well as for the business tax return.

It also helps you with Calculation of surplus income (EÜR) and you have the option to calculate divided reserves with debits and credits. A quick calculator calculates important figures for property tax, vehicle tax, Riester pension, professional severance pay and unemployment benefit in the blink of an eye.

System requirements for WISO Tax 2024:

  • for PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet
  • Runs on Windows 10 or 11 with the latest feature release
  • in Windows: 2 GB of free hard disk space and 2 GB of available RAM
  • macOS since version 10.15 (Catalina)
  • on Mac: 3 GB of free hard disk space and 4 GB of available RAM
  • Graphics from 1,280 x 800 pixels
  • Internet access for ELSTER, videos, activation and updates.

WISO Tax 2024: Test winner now for only 22.99 euros

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