Traveling by motorhome to the Baltic Sea: does it sound fantastic? Then you can use some tricks to improve your travel budget and save on insurance.

1. Compare with the right portal

A motorhome is not a normal car; This also applies to insurance. Therefore, the correct comparison is even more important. Unfortunately, the large comparison portals do not help you much. Our tip: Compare at, the comparison calculator site that performed best in our March 2024 Finanztip study.

2. Include inventory

A motorhome is expensive, which is also due to the equipment. For it to be protected in your comprehensive insurance, you must specify it and include it in the insured sum. You should definitely do this so that your “home on wheels” is well secured. Especially if you invest money in addition to the purchase.

3. Save money with a garage and a second car

Do you have another car? Ask your car insurer if they can insure your caravan cheaply as a second car.

Is your motorhome in a garage? If you specify this, you could save a little more on your comprehensive insurance premium.

4. Pays a small group of drivers annually.

If you pay your premium annually, you can also save. Do you travel only with your caravan in summer? Then compare whether you can save with a seasonal license plate. And keep the driver circle small. The fewer people who can drive your caravan, the cheaper your insurance will be.

Example 1: Two fictitious sample customers from our test show how much you can save: Comprehensive insurance for a fully integrated motorhome like an Adria Coral XL with 55,000 km per year, 300 euros excess (SB) and two drivers (the youngest was born in 1968) quickly It costs 700 euros, sometimes up to 2000 euros.

And that with annual payment, with seasonal registrations (April to October) and as a second car. The cheapest offer shown to our Innofima financial advice experts was 400 euros.

Example 2: For a Renault converted into a van with seasonal registration (from April to October), partial insurance (SB 150 euros), 15,000 kilometers per year and annual payment, the insurance quickly costs around 300 euros, sometimes more than 500 euros. And that for a driver (born in 1991) and her partner. The cheapest offer through Innofima was 160 euros.

You can find the cheapest insurance for your motorhome with our financial advice guide on motorhome insurance.

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