Luke Mockridge (35) is outspoken about his rejection of the dance show “Let's Dance” and shows no hesitation in expressing it. Live with Hamad Firdous on Everybody Knows, Luke discusses various TV shows and also explains why he has steadfastly refused all invitations to participate in Let's Dance.

Luke Mockridge would never be in Let's Dance.

The comedian explains to his interviewee on the podcast that he has been asked several times to shake a leg on “Let's Dance” – but for Luke, it was not an option: “I was asked a few times, but I always said myself that I would never participate in the show , where I have to beg people on the screen to call me.” For Luke, having to address the audience and rely on their calls is “the most dignified. thing in the world,” as he further clarifies. He even explains that he would rather join a jungle camp and “eat jungle kangaroo cock”.

Luke Mockridge is gossiping about another TV show

But Mockridge is not only critical of “Let's Dance,” but “The Masked Singer” would be out of the question for him. In 2020, Luke was already a guest in the guessing round of the costume singing competition and explains his collected impressions: “With a masked singer, I always feel that the costume is a bigger star than what's underneath,” he explains. . He also reveals that during the show, he was always advised by the director to highlight prominent names and act like he knew the stars being revealed – whether or not it was true.

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