If you want to grill, you have to dig deep into your pockets. Meat, oil, mustard, beer and bread are more expensive due to rising prices.

Despite the price adjustments, there are savings tips that everyone can implement immediately when grilling. Ideally, it would cost at least 20 euros per barbecue.

1. Charcoal grill instead of electric

If you want to save a lot of money, trust the classic charcoal grill. Compared to electric grills, they are much cheaper to purchase and clean. Barbecue fans also save on energy consumption.

Be sure to use charcoal grills that you can cover. This allows the heat to be distributed well and you can use it optimally. Grilled foods cook slowly without burning on the outside. However, if the grilled food becomes dark and crispy, you don't need to worry. Many of the known dangers of grilling are overrated.

In the supermarket you can get cheap charcoal barbecues (with a lid) for about 20 euros. In specialized stores and hardware stores you can also find models that cost more than 600 euros.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the charcoal.

To achieve a perfect result when grilling, a small amount of charcoal is usually sufficient. Quality plays a crucial role and can save a lot of money. The worse the quality, the more often you will have to refill it.

When choosing, attention should be paid to what wood was used in production and how the charcoal was stored. Consumers only see whether charcoal is good or not when they grill it. Bad charcoal is difficult to light, smells bad, and burns quickly. If you haven't had a good experience with the charcoal you bought, you should leave the package behind next time.

Basically, mid-priced and premium products perform much better when grilling than cheap charcoal.

3. Marinating meat yourself is cheaper and tastier

Discount stores and supermarkets will tempt you with special offers on grilled food. Marinated steaks or meat products are often already found. The prices seem cheap at first glance. In fact, these deals are only worth it up to a point.

If you marinate the meat on the grill yourself, you will be able to recognize the quality of the meat when you buy it and you will also save money. Consumers should pay attention to special offers and use coupons.

  • Case example: Turkey fillets in grill marinade (300 grams) are available for 3.99 euros. The turkey fillets are available unmarinated in a 500 gram bowl for 5.99 euros. Converted, the marinated meat would be 69 cents more expensive. To be full, a family may have to purchase a second package.

Unmarinated meat is usually much cheaper. For a simple marinade you need oil, salt, pepper, herbs, mustard and honey.

Prepared salads are also not worth it. They taste better freshly prepared and are much cheaper.

  • Case example: The finished potato salad in a 1 kilogram cup costs 2.45 euros. If you prepare the salad yourself, the ingredients and electricity cost will be less than one euro.

4. Avoid disposable plates

Avoid disposable plastic or bamboo plates and cutlery. These products are especially popular because they can be discarded immediately after grilling. They are not particularly environmentally friendly. They also cause high costs. Consumers pay about six euros in the supermarket for a pack of 10 disposable plates. The aluminum tray to store roasted food usually costs ten euros.

If you use reusable tableware, cutlery and containers, you will not only save a lot of money. Cheaper alternatives, such as hard plastic cups, plates or cutlery, are available in all hardware stores. These barbecue utensils can be washed and reused by barbecue fans.

5. Keep an eye out for special offers and plan ahead

Grilling tends to occur more frequently in the summer months. Sauces, drinks and non-perishable foods for the barbecue can be purchased in advance. However, if you only buy at the last minute, you will pay more.

FOCUS Online advises: Look out for special offers on ketchup, mustard, oil, vinegar, meat, fish and sausages and shop in time for the next barbecue.

Grilled meat, fish and sausages can also be frozen and defrosted a few hours before grilling. However, sausages can be stored in the freezer for up to two months. The product may then taste rancid.

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