In the end, CEO Frank Giesler of Fisch-Böttcher could only count on four employees. It would have taken at least eight. “It's very sad. But no one wants to work hard anymore,” says Giesler in the Bild newspaper.

After the closure of the cult fishmonger, the boss complains: “No one wants to work hard anymore”

“I can not keep going like this. She worked 60 hours a week. Hardly anyone is willing to stand for hours, smell like fish at the end of the day, and then scrub the store with rubber boots and a brush,” Giesler continues.

In the past, the pressure to work would have been different, Giesler says. Now “many people prefer to stay at home for the citizens' money.” In addition to many people's lack of enthusiasm for work, Giesler is also unable to pay adequate wages to all employees due to the increase in the minimum wage. In addition, the constantly increasing price of fish is also a reason for the end.

The manager was deeply moved to see that numerous customers had posted small notes on the windows of his closed store: “Our hearts are heavy,” “A great loss to our community,” “Please come back!”

However, the decision has already been made: Fisch Böttcher is closing after 111 years.

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