TV host Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim's German-language YouTube channel is watched by more than 1.4 million people, or almost two percent of the German population. Although not all of these followers are likely to be German and eligible to vote, the number shows Nguyen-Kim's influence. Now, ten months after Nguyen-Kim officially shut down her channel, she wants to change careers and enter politics.

“I'm worried about the political future of our country,” Nguyen-Kim says in the first video she posted after officially shutting down her channel. There is an “information crisis” in the country, people are divided and are at war with each other over hurt feelings instead of discussing the facts.

It has now dawned on him that this complaint was made possible by an incompetent government. “Communication is a very important part of political work, Olaf Scholz!” he explains to the chancellor in his video. Germany indeed has a “reasonable majority”. But you also have to let them decide, instead of polarizing and playing off population groups against each other.

Nguyen-Kim: “Hello Berlin? We are tired of it!”

In his announcement, Nguyen-Kim leaves little to say about the rest of the traffic light government. Greens have nothing to do with science, which is actually what makes fact-based debates possible. Instead, they were in love with “homeopathy” and hated advanced technologies. The FDP, on the other hand, went in the opposite direction, forgetting the good old values ​​and suffering from a pathological “openness to technology”.

“Hello Berlin?” Says Nguyen-Kim. “Hello? Down here [ist] reasonable majority! We are tired of it!”

In her video, Nguyen-Kim leaves it open whether she will soon establish her own political party, start an election campaign as an independent, or join a non-trafficking party. But he is already working with an experienced team to organize everything. Unlike the greens, as a qualified chemist, he bases his work on the obvious needs of people and verifiable facts.