Sebastian Dettmers, director of the Stepstone employment platform in Düsseldorf, warns that Germany is heading towards a demographic disaster: “Demographic change is a trend that will last,” Dettmers said in an interview with the Berlin magazine FOCUS.

“Our society is not only aging, it is also shrinking. “This has never happened before in human history and nullifies all previous economic growth models.”

In reality, “we all have to be much faster and more productive in the future to succeed in the global market,” the Stepstone boss continued. In Germany, however, per capita productivity has been stagnant for many years. This is “pretty scary.” According to Dettmers, “We are in a trap of part-time work, especially women. “We would need many more full-time employees.”

With an annual turnover of around one billion euros, Stepstone is one of the largest players in the sector. Dettmers announced to FOCUS that it wanted to launch a common digital platform for its 20 active brands in 30 countries later this year. “It allows us to deploy AI applications across countries much more quickly.” This is “not trivial”, but the project is already very advanced.

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