He was one of the hosts of the home shopping channel QVC. Fitness entrepreneur Barbara Klein (58) sold her products on TV for 14 years. But behind the scenes, Klein and her husband, who ran the company together, argued.

Barbara Klein was cheated on: “It hurt me a lot”

Because: Klein's husband cheated on her and their marital happiness fell apart in 2018. At that time, the man had already been in a relationship with a woman from Miami for a good five years. She is 24 years younger than the QVC host. “It hurt me a lot, I had trusted him unconditionally. “We had our own company, which we had also built up for our children,” Klein said in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper.

He took over the joint venture the couple started in 2001 and paid off his ex-partner. “So almost overnight I became the sole managing director and had to build my company from scratch. It hurt so much. I sat in front of a pile of broken glass. I had basically worked for free for 20 years.

The QVC star is in love again

He's now giving up QVC because he doesn't want to travel back and forth as much anymore. He would rather focus on expanding his brand. He has also found new happiness in love. Guido Broscheit (55) has been by his side since 2020. She met the entrepreneur at a screening of his film. The 55-year-old moved from Berlin to Munich to work for an entrepreneur. Klein enthuses, “I don't think I would have made it through this difficult time without my Guido! He gives me endless strength and encouragement in everything I do.

Having to start over because of her husband's cheating, the fitness entrepreneur now sees it as a victory. “At the age of 58, I can reinvent myself. “I have the strength to start better,” he tells “Bild” newspaper.

This article “QVC star cheated on by her husband with a woman five years her junior” is originally from BUNTE.de.

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