ZDF Junk Show: Painting “Money for the Rare” inspires Horst Lichter: “The biggest we've ever had”

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Superlatives are always well received on the popular ZDF trash show. This time, the object “Ras ražájle” surpasses everything that existed before. It hardly fits in the studio.

Jana and Daniel had something truly cinematic and uniquely great about Money for the Rare. The dimensions of his object were five by three meters – and therefore it simply did not fit in his apartment. Did the traders live in more spacious rooms? “This is by far the biggest painting we've ever had!” exclaimed Horst Lichter when he saw the huge picture in his “Bares für Rares” studio. “Now I understand for the first time that you want to give something away. It couldn't be bigger!”

“Do you have an apartment with a ceiling height of six meters?” Horst Lichter inevitably had to ask the two salesmen. Hardly, otherwise Jana and Daniel wouldn't be here. Jana's father's gift should find a new owner. An oversized movie poster presented the cult film “Dangerous Minds” with Michelle Pfeiffer, which hit German cinemas in 1995. What was behind the poster's impressive dimensions? Back then, it was hung on a large cinema wall to promote the film and be visible from afar from the street.

Horst Lichter: “I didn't expect it”

But it became even more impressive: “This is not a print made today, but a painting,” said Detlev Kümmel. So it was unique. “I didn't expect that,” replied the host, surprised. The poster was designed with acrylic paints by Willi Laschet – one of the last German poster painters. “During his life, he painted just over 10,000 such posters,” the expert said.

Would he confirm the suggested price of 200 euros for a canvas poster from 1995? Not even close. Detlev Kümmel brought a completely different amount for a single piece. A couple could even get 1,200-1,500 euros for it.

People were quick to suspect that dealers might go along with it. The hand-painted movie poster immediately brought back memories of the “cool movie” (Sarah Schreiber's original sound, second from right) with Coolio's “Gangsta's Paradise” as the title track. Impressed by the size and motif of the poster, Christian Vechtel offered 1,150 euros for it.

“Money for the rare”: Venetian painting surpasses all expectations

However, a yellow gold jewelry watch with 0.6 carat stones, which was on sale at the time, was quite handy. Heide Rezepa-Zabel estimated the Longines object at 2,900-3,100 euros. You guessed it right: an heirloom from the 1960s was able to shine on Sarah Schreiber's wrist for €2,900.

The heart locket that the saleswoman was selling on behalf of the godmother was even more exquisite. Would anyone pay 200-250 euros for it? Lisa Nüdling had lost her heart because of the jewelry bug and bought an antique from around 1900 for 150 euros.

A colorful porcelain bird stretched its beak upwards on the “Money for the rare” table – ready for a price increase. The expertise ranged from 120 to 150 euros for a slightly damaged pig. There were no fantastic flights. But the poultry meat from the Karl Ens factory between 1931 and 1945 was sold to Esther Ollick for 120 euros.

There could be more money for the next animal: Detlev Kümmel estimated the rocking horse as a basket weave at 350-400 euros. It could not be definitively confirmed that the 70s game equipment was designed by Franco Albini. Esther Ollick nevertheless took the risk and paid 350 euros for a rattan horse.

At the end, an oil painting by Alfred Schwarz made an impression. It featured St. Mark's Basilica in Venice – which spoke volumes for the image: “Venice is always possible,” said expert Dr. Friederike Werner and estimates it at €2,000-€2,500. She was right: the 1920 attic finds sparked a bidding war that Sarah Schreiber was able to win. The Italian motif was worth 3,700 euros to him.

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