“Hartz and affectionate” Petra begins a risky experiment with her prosthetics. A citizen benefit recipient does not want to go to the dentist and grinds his teeth himself – this has fatal consequences.

Relationship problems, bureaucratic stress and confusion in everyday life: “Hartz und cordial” is about people who have to cope with little money and live in socially disadvantaged areas.

The theme of beauty is also on the agenda for the residents of Mannheim's Benz Barracks – it also concerns Petra.

The dentist caught: Petra just grinds her own teeth

Petra had prosthetics made. But he has a problem: “My chewing stick is not in my mouth because many people have asked me that it does not look natural and that the teeth are too long,” says the main character of “Hartz und cordial”.

And then he tries an experiment: since the dentist is not open on the weekend, he just grinds his teeth himself. “Due to my carelessness, I took a file and sanded around,” admits Petra.

“Varnish is varnish – whether on nails or dentures”

“It bothered me. It's shorter and thinner than the top,” she says. Attempting to grind the €4,500 set of teeth yourself is not without consequences: “It is now so rough that it rubs against the top of your lip and you start bleeding.”

Now he needs a special varnish to help him, with which he wants to fix his accident. “Varnish is varnish – whether on the nails or on a prosthesis,” says the “Hartz und Herzen” actor.

If it succeeds? If that goes wrong, too, Petra would have to get new teeth — and that would be expensive.

Petra got dentures eight months ago. However, he was never quite satisfied with it because the teeth did not fit properly. At some point Petra decided to help herself. But the recipient of civil compensation clearly overestimated his abilities when changing his teeth.

The 53-year-old probably won't miss a trip to the dentist in order to get carefree again. But this time too, the fearful Petra has to overcome a great effort.

RTL2 shows “Hartz and warm” every day at 17:05.

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