It seems that Frauke Ludowig wants to experiment with beauty treatments – the treatments can sometimes be painful.

It's nothing new that Hollywood stars like to go to extreme measures to look perfect in front of the camera. But German celebrities don't seem averse to strange treatments either. Anyway, Frauke Ludowig was willing to put up with the pain to get tighter skin, as the 60-year-old woman has now revealed to “”: she got hit in the face during a beauty treatment.

Frauke Ludowig paid hundreds of dollars for the slapping treatment

“My funniest experience with beauty optimization was in 2014 when I was at the Oscars,” says the 60-year-old. “In San Francisco, I had a very special beauty treatment: Thai women slapped you to tighten your face!” But as you can imagine, the kind of rejuvenation that Frauke shelled out a few hundred US dollars for was anything but pleasant. “I was really on the verge of crying. And he just wouldn't stop! Afterwards I had good blood flow – but only on my left side.

Finally, the right side of Frauke's face could no longer “enjoy” the unusual treatment. “This lady told me that her Thai god forbids slapping both sides one day,” explains Frauke. The next day, the presenter was already on the plane back to Germany. It was therefore no longer possible to try the strange beauty procedure a second time. “So only one side of my face felt tight.”

Frauke Ludowig has a “natural limit”

When it comes to beauty treatments, Frauke seems to be quite adventurous. In addition to the beauty shots, he also tried the animal approach, revealing to “”: “I tried goat yoga in Los Angeles to relax my facial features. You stand on all fours and the goats jump on you. Then the goats trample you. It was also quite funny.”

But how far would the mother of two go in terms of beauty? “I have a natural limit. It's important that you are at peace with yourself. But if someone is so unhappy with themselves that it hurts, then everything should change. We live in modern times where you can too.

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