After four months of radio silence: This is behind Gil Ofarim's cryptic Instagram message

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After the scandal trial, singer Gil Ofarim went into hiding. After about four months, the singer revealed the meeting on Instagram. Now it is clear what is behind it.

Suddenly he was there again. About four months after the trial, there was radio silence on the Instagram profile of musician Gil Ofarim (41). But on Tuesday, she posted something to her story for the first time. He appeared with a new short haircut and played the guitar. By midnight on April 4, there was also a cryptic message: “Spring cleaning! Sale!” There is no lie in court about his anti-Semitism, no explanation or apology. But what was behind the great spring cleaning? Did he want to settle the scandal and come clean?

This is behind Gil Ofarim's Instagram announcement

In the story, which he posted on April 3 well before the time in question, he again plays only the guitar. He wears a different outfit. Instead of a denim jacket, he has thrown a black shirt over a green T-shirt, which he wears loosely. He also plays a guitar riff. Because that's what his “spring cleaning” is all about.

Gil Ofarim wants to sell his guitars. “The countdown is on,” the clip reads. There is also a magazine. “Spring Cleaning Guitar Sale Video.” One thing is for sure: guitars can fetch big bucks among musicians and professionals. It is not known whether he needs the money or simply wants to reduce his inventory of musical instruments.

In 2022, he accused an employee of a hotel in Leipzig of making anti-Semitic insults towards him. Ofarim recorded videos and told his fans what happened to him. He stuck to this version of events, which found great sympathy in Germany, for about two years. But during the trial, in November 2023, he admitted: he lied. The procedure was terminated upon payment of a fine of 10,000 euros. Ofarim had to pay 5,000 euros each to the “Leipzig Jewish Community” and the “Memorial and Education Center – Wannsee Conference House” and an unknown amount of compensation to the hotel employee.

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