Julian Nagelsmann is apparently about to make a spectacular return to FC Bayern. Almost a year and a half after his leave from the Record Champions, a return to the Record Champions could make sense for three reasons.

Sometimes it just works better the second time. Best example: Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Yes, even the famous dream couple supposedly broke up in 2005, but after a short break they got back together. Forgive this brief excursion into the world of gossip, after all you want to read something about Julian Nagelsmann. It should only show: If it is even in the complex Love If things can work again after a breakup, why not at work too?

According to information from “Sky” and “Bild”, Nagelsmann will once again be the coach FC Bayern become. Almost a year after his dismissal in March 2023, after taking over the record champion only in the summer of 2021, the coach is about to return to Säbener Straße. It is said that there have already been concrete discussions. The current national coach also seems eager to return.

Why should things go better this time? The reasons why Nagelsmann's second spell at FC Bayern will likely be much more successful are obvious:

1. Julian Nagelsmann receives more support at FC Bayern

One thing is clear: if Bayern brings Nagelsmann back, they will publicly admit that his dismissal in 2023 was a mistake. With the renewed commitment, the record champions want to correct that mistake and will do everything in their power to not make it again.

Another premature leave is excluded. To save face, Bayern officials will probably support the old and new coach until the inevitable. After all, what matters less is the reputation of the coach and more that of FC Bayern.

Nagelsmann has nothing to lose, FC Bayern has everything to lose. Therefore, the coach should have full support. Especially since in the return of the club's new management there is a lot at stake around Jan-Christian Dreesen and Max Eberl.

2. Julian Nagelsmann has more say at Bayern

FC Bayern faces a change this summer. The squad should be largely restructured and dissatisfied, injury-prone, “old” and underperforming players should leave. The new coach, together with Eberl and sporting director Christoph Freund, should be responsible for this change. Bayern's designated coach should have the decision-making power that Nagelsmann was recently denied on Säbener Straße.

In recent years, the players dreamed of by Bayern coaches have often not been signed. One of the reasons why Hansi Flick resigned back then. Also unforgettable is Nagelsmann's second season, in which no new striker was hired after the departure of Robert Lewandowski and coach Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting (who, however, had an excellent season) was left as the only attacker.

Something similar should not happen again, on the second try Nagelsmann should finally be able to mold the team the way he wants. Another point: Eberl and Freund, like Nagelsmann, worked on the RB cosmos. All three share a similar idea: intense, attractive and fast-paced football. This means that behind Nagelsmann there are like-minded people when it comes to team planning.

3. Julian Nagelsmann has matured and seems more confident

From Nagelsmann's entourage we know that the coach learned a lot from his time at Bayern. The coach is ambitious, but also thoughtful. He should not make mistakes again in some of the statements he made as FCB coach.

As the current national coach, Nagelsmann seems cooler than ever. At the same time, the 36-year-old seems more confident than ever. His squad in the German team worked for the moment, the last international matches solved the first little problem that had been lost in years. DFB-euphoria.

If Germany successfully plays the European Championship at home in 2024, FC Bayern will have a new Julian Nagelsmann: as confident, successful and cool as he is.

So: the second time may work. And in some cases even better than the first time. Ask Jay-Z.

By Leonardo Friedl


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