VOX Cooking Show: The Perfect Dinner: Host Christoph's Daughter Thinks Dad's Food Is Disgusting

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“Life with three girls is hard – and I love it,” says “family man” Christoph in Stuttgart on the third day of “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX). Fortunately, his daughter Clara (8) does not appreciate his menu.

“We are four CDs,” Christoph (45) describes his family: the architect himself, his wife Christiane (41) and their daughters Clara (8) and Carlotta (5). “Without her I'm lost, we're like yin and yang,” he describes his relationship with his wife, and his eyes light up whenever he mentions his girls.

The kind-hearted, cozy charisma of the enthusiastic hobby chef and do-it-yourselfer from Filderstadt has long been transferred to the “Perfect Dinner” group: “Christoph is a nice person who just has to be loved,” enthuses the gourmet. colleague Thomas (50) host since the 3rd day. When it comes to the menu, it's the Jamie Oliver-inspired appetizer that excites Thomas the most.

  • Appetizer: Favorite recipe JO – pasta / pumpkin / spinach / ricotta
  • Main course: Favorite dish CC – beef fillet / gnocchi / beetroot
  • Dessert: Favorite classic – mousse / tiramisu

'Perfect Dinner' guests impress: 'Gives me goosebumps'

“Poem, real Champions League, sensational, just bloody awesome”: Thomas' praise goes to the homemade pasta roll, which Christoph filled with cream cheese, baked pumpkin and spinach mixture. “I'm getting goosebumps and I need a recipe so I can impress others,” insists the blessed guest.

“A successful opening,” Fabienne (55) says bluntly. However, Christoph's daughter Clara has a clear opinion on at least one component. When he looks at a pot of S-shaped green vegetables, traditionally loved by children, he expresses his opinion crystal clear with just one letter: “Yeeee…” Dad comments on it as usual succinctly: “It's a good thing he's not judging me today.

The “dinner” guests are not particularly impressed with the main course and dessert

Of course, his guests take care of that. If the appetizer blows him away (Thomas: “I have to give it 12 points”), the main course is a little more restrained. The “knock” (Laura) is a squishy mass for Thomas and the accompanying red and yellow beets are “a bit too chewy” for Laura. Already prone to self-criticism, Christoph admits: “We've gotten over it a bit.”

The classic dessert of two types of tiramisu and chocolate mousse is well received, although Sabrina (35) would have preferred a darker chocolate. And so, after a brilliant start, Christoph still gets 32 points and calmly stays true to his main principle: “I am Team Schmackofatz.”

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Moderator Jörg Pilawa dares to experiment on himself: in the case of a TV documentary, he limits himself to the standard rate of civil compensation.

Henry Samuel is the eldest son of Heidi Klum. He has also been in the public eye since his 18th birthday. Everything we know about him.

The article “Perfect dinner: Presenter Christoph's daughter thinks dad's food is disgusting” was originally from Teleschau.

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