Firefighters stand by the Neuhof pier. Divers searched for a missing person near the Köhlbrand Bridge in Hamburg's Elbe.
Image: dpa

One crew member is missing after a boat capsized in Hamburg after a collision. The rescue workers stopped the search because the danger to the divers was now too great.

NDivers, boats and a police helicopter spent hours searching for a missing person after a shipwreck near Hamburg's Köhlbrand Bridge on Wednesday evening. Emergency services were unable to find him and the search was called off around 10 p.m., a fire service spokesman said. The danger to divers is now too great.

According to information, the push column had previously collided with a mooring boat, which then sank. According to preliminary data, the missing doll was a crew member. According to the fire department, the search had been extended from Köhlbrand to the main river Elbe. According to the police, the accident happened shortly after 6 pm. According to the fire department, the rescue service was on site.

A day earlier, the 80-meter-long inland vessel “Alster” sank for unknown reasons in Blumensandhafen, Wilhelmsburg district. It is expected to be restored next week. At the time of the accident, the ship had 3,500 liters of diesel fuel and 1,400 tons of potassium chloride (salt). The captain of the ship was not injured. During the accident, diesel spilled into the water. According to the Environmental Agency, about 5,000 square meters of water had been contaminated.